Monday, 7 January 2013



Chapter One

I was waiting for my business partner gulping my vodka in open shot and flipping the pages of my file.
I saw him waving towards me and I got up from the sofa to acknowledge him.
When he walked closer I saw another person behind him. I did not care much, though it was meant to be a private meet but it seemed he brought someone.
When both of them came close enough for me to figure out there faces, I saw the girl. She also saw me. I was spell bound. Is it really she, or I am hallucinating?
She arched her eyebrows in a sexy manner when her eyes fell on me and a wicked smirk took over her face.
She tangled her hand and pressed herself on him. I just stood shocked.
"Hi Mr. Raizada, I am really sorry I am 3 mins late".
I brushed of my current thoughts and shook hands.
"Its ok Karan, please have a seat".
In the entire meeting I kept on stealing glances but for her I never exsist it looked like.
In between the meeting both of then kissed each other and whispered something to each other, which made her blush artificially.
I felt odd, not because it was her, but it looked highly unprofessional. How cane someone bring a girl in an offical meet when she is not related to that.
She looked like an escort. But the question is, Is she really a one? But how? When? What made her choose this?
Whatever it is it shouldnot matter to me, its her life, her choice, I have got nothing to do with it.
Collapsing on the bed adter having almost 4 sessions, Karan singhania spoke. "Miss gupta, my friend is kind of smitten bu your charm, would you like to warm his bed with your hotness?"
"How much he would pay?"
"Umm, he said any amount".
"Who is that friend of yours".
"well you have met him once and I told him about you and our sessions".
"He is a big man".
"Are you talking about Arnav singh Raizada?"
"Yap sweety you are right".
"well tell him that I am not interested to be f*cked by him, he is not my cup of tea".
"wild cat, how do you know haan?"
"I can smell and say "kisme kitna hai dam".
"babes, you are talking about Arnav Singh Raizada, do you have any idea how many girls are after him? Ek baar woh kisiko touch karde to uski zindegi sawar jaye"
"I am sorry Mr singhania, but I think I am contracted with you and we still have 7 days for the contract to end. And as per my principals I don't sleep with any other man when I am contracted".
"He is a very important client of ours and if you don't sleep with him I will lose this contract".
"Oh I guess, some people never change, sorry I am not going to get into this mess. You don't have any right to force me to do this coz you don't possess me, its your business and your problem not mine".
With that she wore her dress, took the cash and walked out of the room.
"So Miss gupta, you have rejected my offer it looks like"
She turned towards me and stared for couple of minutes. She looked tired and I exactly knew why she was tired.
"Well Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada, I take direct offers not through anybody".
I smirked and took steps towards her.
"Hmm, I forgot that".
"Well now when you remember let me make it very clear to you, I AM NOT ACCEPTING YOUR OFFER". she said stressing each word.
I showed her the contract papers, which she has with Karan and tore it off.
But it looked like as if she is not bothered. She turned her heels to leave when I grabbed her hand.
She gritted her teeth and turned towards me, her anger brewing up, her eyes turning red.
"Hundred Thousand"
She gave me a confused looks.
"Oh come on now, I am sure you are not worth that much".
"Then why are you hell bend on sleeping with me?"
I needed her and looked straight in her eyes and spoke "I wanna see the changes in you Miss gupta".
"I guess I am too hot to handle, dekhiye ga kahin aap jal na jaye".
"Hmm, woh to waqt hi batayega kaun kisse jalata hai?"
"you have already burnt me long back Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada".
"Let me see the ashes now".
I narrowed my eyes seeing her so confidant. I have never expected her to see once again after that night. But here she is in front of my eyes, confidence spilling all over, and sexiness all around. The way she said "Deal" was more than enough for a man to hit his orgasm then and there.
"Let me know where to come and when, I am sure you will not want to be seen with an escort".
I smiled when she presented herself as escort. No matter how much she wanted to portray her strong I knew somewhere that innocent girl was still present in her.
"Well Miss gupta, I never do something which I don't want or feel ashamed, so I don't have an issue if I am seen with you".
"Well then'"
with that she came forward and kissed me on my lips. I pulled her by her waist and deepen the kiss.
Wow what a kiss it was, for the first time in my life Arnav Singh Raizada felt dizzy kissing a woman and that to that woman whom he have used once and then left her for her incapability.
Yap the story is a little dark. Both the characters are dark here. This will be a very short story, max 3-4 parts. So enjoy. I will try to complete this very soon.
Let me know your views. Thanks.
I wrote this on request as someone told me to write dark Khushi, shona33 this is for you